240 - Glitter Grunge (Fall Shopping List)

I've been meaning to write a fall shopping list since August and just haven't had the time to do it properly! One of the items on that list, though, would have to be an army vest. I love the versatility of this sucker. You can pop it on over a striped sweater with black high-waisted jeans and lace-up boots and you've got yourself an easy fall look, lemme tell ya.

Unfortunately, Los Angeles thinks that October is the perfect time for 95-degree Fahrenheit heat.

Thanks, LA. I love sweating through Halloween.

Anyway, below, in text form, is my shopping list. I think every piece mixes and matches really well together, and hopefully I'll have time to do some Polyvore sets to show you what I mean in the near future!


1. pom-pom beanie in a bright color (color pop that shizzz)
3. platform stunner boots (something that separates the people who "get" fashion from the people who follow celebrity style in the supermarket, if you know what I mean)




20. maxi dress (for layering crop tops, knits over)

I've included links to an example of each, but as you know, you can find most of this stuff at a thrift store! It will cost you 1/10th the price and most likely be one-o'-a-kind, so get out to your thriftin' places.

Also, apparently Salvation Army hates the GLBTQ community (not sure how I missed that for so long)? So, it looks like we hate Salvation Army, too. Shop at another thrift store, please!

EDIT: Isabel told me that thing about Salvation Army -- she is the keeper of all knowledge regarding which companies suck and which are alright.