245 - Docile Rhino

The thing about blogging is that you look at so many photos of yourself that you start to notice weird things. One of these weird things I noticed about myself is that one of my eyes is always half closed. I now call it "Little Eye". Over the past week or so, I've been exercising "Little Eye" -- trying to open it really wide for fear that one day the muscles in my forehead that I assume control my eyelid (someone should really fact check my bio on that one) will eventually be lulled into silent slumber and Little Eye will become "Shut Eye". Given how clumsy I already am, I can't imagine that having "Shut Eye" will help my depth perception much. So, the past week or so has been me stretching "Little Eye" out really wide, which probably results in "Bulging Eye", but it's a step in the right direction nonetheless.

Timony took these photos before we did Tunnel Vision product shots last week. It may have been the day after I discovered the "Little Eye" phenomenon, to be perfectly honest. It was definitely the day after two other things happened:

1. I realized that a pair of jeans I bought for Tunnel Vision are actually, legitimately, children's pants. So, I did a weird stretchy-hoppy dance around the studio trying to force them over my hipbones, yelling "GET ON ME" until they finally buttoned and, eventually, even zipped. I wore them for the next 24 hours in an effort to further force them into fitting me. I think a lot about me lately involves force. I should probably look into that or something.

2. I received a gift package in the mail from Wildfox. I had never really considered myself a Wildfox person, despite loving their videos and whatnot. See, I am the opposite of a wild fox. I am a docile rhino. Wild foxes dart and run and jump. I lumber and laze and lull. However, slowly I discovered that Wildfox makes clothing that rather perfectly accommodates people who lumber and laze and lull. Yes, I am talking about sweatpants. Holy geez, you haven't lived until you've slept in a pair of Wildfox sweatpants. It's like wearing a bed on your legs...then lying on a bed. It's like double bed.  However, I am also talking about things more than sweatpants. You guessed it -- sweaters. I kid, I kid. But no seriously, their sweaters are actually freaking amazing, so maybe I don't kid. What was I talking about again? Oh, yeah. I turned into a Wildfox person. Their styling has just been off the chain lately and I'm pretty much in love with all of their new knits and tees (like the one I'm wearing in these photos) and stuff, so I was delighted when they sent me a little goodie box. My UPS man was like, "Damn, you seem really excited about this one..." and I said, "GIVE ME THE PACKAGE, LITTLE MAN!" despite the fact that he is over six feet tall and generally very polite. Then, I put on all of the Wildfox at once and looked in the mirror trying to decide if perhaps I was a wild fox. No, still a docile rhino, but definitely loving the Wildfox. What the hell is Little Eye doing. OPEN, LITTLE EYE, DAMN YOU.

I think I should just stop typing now.

Go look at Wildfox's new stuff.

Go look at Katie Dean's jewelry. She is nice and has her own online store and you should buy things from her.