251 - Marbled Knit Combo of Which I Think Missoni Might Approve

Sweater - boyfriend's, Choker - gift, Top - gift from Brit, Belt - c/o HereJ, Shorts - c/o O Mighty, Shoes - wholesaledress.net, Sunglasses - Santee Alley

I've been feeling the pressure to write something substantial again on ye ol' blog, but I'm honestly just so braindead from real life taking over lately! Over the weekend, Angie came to visit and we did a lot of good LA things, like eat and go to Jet Rag $1 Sunday Sale and the Melrose Trading Post. It was also my friend Brigid's birthday and Sea's birthday, which involved shaved ice and strange Koreatown night clubs. Tomorrow, Jessi Jae Joplin and Kerli are coming to the Tunnel Vision studio to pull stock for a new Kerli music video that Jessi is styling, and on Wednesday, we're going to the Nasty Gal Halloween party, so that should all be fun!

Ah...life. The better my life gets, the worse my blog gets. It's actually gotten to that point where I look through old blog posts and I think, "Shiiiiiit, I used to be so much better at this." So is the balance of things, I guess?

Hey, East Coast-ers, stay warm and safe please! Yeah. I command it. So...it shall be...so...now. Fuck man, I don't know. I'd feel like a dick if I didn't say something about it, but what the hell kinda comfort can I give? A big ass storm is shakin' your side of the country and it doesn't look fun and I'm sorry it's happening, okay? Okay.