243 - These Are Clothes I Wore, Okay?

Everything but the Boots - Vintage, The Boots - TBA c/o Solestruck

Hi everyone! I haven't been blogging in a while because something EXCITING happened last week -- something SO EXCITING that I had to kinda restructure my whole life!

I am now dedicating all of my time to working on Tunnel Vision! It's like a dream come true. This means we'll be able to offer more product more consistently and hopefully do a lot of fun things like giveaways and contests and whatnot. I'm still geting settled into a complete lifestyle change, but stay tuned! Good things will follow. We already updated the design of our blog and Isabel has been blogging up a storm! Check it out here.

This change will also hopefully open up more time for me to work on writing, also. I really want to write a sci-fi book, you know? And then maybe if it doesn't suck, someone will buy the script and turn it into a movie and then give me like a billiondy dollars and I'll buy a private island and turn it into a giant commune and if you don't suck, you can come live on my commune with me, and there will be dogs everywhere and we will make awesome little cabin houses and grow our own food and play video games and high five each other and stuff.