244 - Crossroads Style Council!

Jacket - Vintage, Shirt - Thrifted, Necklace - c//o Crossroads, Belt - Vintage, Jeans and Boots - c/o Lulu's

Well, ain't this just about a million o' my favorite things piled into one outfit? I got this jacket at a Goodwill for like $20. It's actually made for a small person! These things are usually made for people of impressive stature. It's still a little big on me, but I think I kinda like that...maybe it comes across devil-may-care. 

The incomparably kind folks over at Lulu's sent me over these freaking awesome jeans and shoes. The shoes. I. What. How. Everyone all over "oxblood" these days on the fashion blargs. It just makes me think of death metal, really. Like, that's a really intense name for a color right?

Oxblood. The blood of oxen.

Who came up with this name? Pantone? Was it someone over there? Are you harboring some black metal employee whose favorite band is Cradle of Filth? Whatever the case, I am IN-TO IT. And I'd probably be into your black metal employee, too.

THEN, Crossroads Trading Co. sent me over this awesome necklace that looks like it could be Mania Mania or Low Luv, but is actually affordable and stuff. I love how art deco it is, especially with the stained glass type pants things. Awww yeah. Puttin' on the clothes like I mean it. 

Crossroads also made me part of the...

I just love them.

Lastly, yes, I know my hair looks super pouffy in these pictures. It had just washed it and I really have no clue how hair works when it's freshly cleaned. I usually just end up standing in front of my medicine cabinet with about twelve oils and balms in my hands trying to figure out which one will unfrizz-ify it the best, then get overwhelmed and give up and put on a hat instead. I don't know why I thought this would be fine unhatted, but I guess there are much bigger problems in the world than how frizzy my hair is.