246 - Jus' A Sunday Off-Day

Every now and then, we all have an off day. It's a day where we just kinda throw clothes on and don't care too much what it looks like. My off days are usually Sundays when I go to the Jet Rag dollar sale super early in the morning. This was one of those days -- dressin' for comfort rather than style because I had to wake up early and take care of some business. I think it's nice to share those off days on my blog, because it just somehow feels more accurate. A lot about "success" in blogging revolves around trying to present your life as though it's aspirational. I hate that. There's something inherently so dishonest about it. My life is just a life. I like it most of the time, but sometimes I don't, and while a lot of things are easier for me than they might be for most other people due to a combination of privilege and luck, my life isn't perfect and it certainly doesn't warrant jealousy or false pretense.

So, you know, sometimes I just throw shit on and run out the door without paying too much attention, because there's just a list of things that has to get done and I have little time to fuss about my presentation to the world. I tend to take delight in how I "present" myself or whatever, since I like to have fun with it, but sometimes laziness wins over fun, and when that happens, it's a leggings and Palladiums kinda day.