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Everything but Some of the Jewelry - Vintage

I'm back! I like to go on these hiatuses sometimes to test your love of my internet presence. All of your emails and tweets and Tumblr messages and Formspring inquiries and Instagram comments urging me to return to regularly scheduled blog updates assured me of your continued devotion.

That was sarcasm. You guys didn't care at all. NOW I'M GONNA GO CRY. THANKS A LOT FOR NOT MISSING ME, INTERNET. GEEZ.

I spent all week hauling ass around the greater LA area gathering wardrobe and props for a big ol' photoshoot, which wrapped last night, much to my relief. I'll probably be doing a lot more styling now that ye ol' day job has gone bye-bye, and a lot more stuff with Kill City, and a lot more stuff with Tunnel Vision, and a lot more stuff with Bad Vibes, and hopefully a lot more stuff with Jean Greige...you know...my blog...that you're on right now. Yeah, that one.

I need to work on some ideas to update my life. Like, what if I just turned everything I did into a nacho cheese collab? See guys, big ideas, here. NEW SHIT. FRESH STEEZ. NACHO CHEESE. Holy shit, that rhymed. I think I also may have just written a rap song. Now I just have to make sure Azealia Banks and Rihanna and Proenza Schouler don't co-opt my nacho cheese hip hop counter-culture. If they do, kids, just remember that I was putting nacho cheese on everything before it was cool.