250 - Whatever Nevermind

Sweater - c/o Wildfox, Jacket - Vintage, Jeans - c/o Romwe, Boots - secondhand Steve Madden via Buffalo Exchange, Hat - PBR

It's Thanksgiving, which is a "holiday" steeped in tradition pertaining to the massacre of an entire nation of people, so you know...that sucks, but it's nice to spend time with family. I'm at my mother's house right now watching Harry Potter movies and my mom is freaking out over how cool it would be to own a griffin.

"You could ride it like a horse, you could fly it, it protect you. YEAH."

I should clarify that she is talking about this:

And not this:

Because that bottom thing is a Brussels Griffon, and while Brussels Griffons are rad freaking dogs, you can't ride them and they don't fly.

This blog just keeps turning into conversation about dogs. It's not even a blog about clothing anymore. I should call it, "Hey, here's some shit I wore, also this is what I am thinking about dogs today."

Let's bring it back around to fashion, shall we? You should buy this griffin tee shirt: