253 - Tough and Stuff

Jacket - c/o Volcom, Skirt - c/o Bitching & Junkfood, Shoes - secondhand Anarchic via eBay

Hey, I'm dark and brooding or whatever. 

Isn't this skirt just perfect? Bitching and Junkfood man...the best. Also, rad jacket via Volcom -- who knew, right?

Jeffrey Campbell posted a picture of me a couple of weeks ago on their Instagram and commenters were all like, "Those are the ugliest knees I've ever seen!" so now I feel the need to disclaim photos of my legs by saying that apparently my knees are ugly. Avert your eyes! The horror! KNEES!!! It's almost as if they are there in order to bend and provide my body with mobility rather than to look aesthetically pleasing!

No but seriously, fuck you. My blog isn't here so you can critique my body. It's here so you can look at the shit I wore, if that interests you. No one's body is open for public critique because that implies the audience has more of a right to a body than it's owner. If you feel the need to assess how someone else's body pleases you or doesn't, I feel sorry for you. Your life must not be very interesting.