258 - WORD

It's ironic that my t-shirt says word, given the fact that words have been failing me quite a bit lately. I started blogging because I enjoy writing and I enjoy getting dressed, so it seemed like a natural expression of both. I even went through a phase where I enthusiastically decided to write more than usual on my blog, branching out into more creative short prose rather than sticking to my typical fashion-y garb. While I personally enjoyed those kinds of posts immensely, life doesn't always put us in the position to do everything we enjoy.

I've had a lot of big changes in my life recently. Specifically, I no longer work from home for the jewelry company I once did. Instead, I now work on Tunnel Vision and Bad Vibes, and also lend a hand at the Original Cult compound, which is a parent company for brands Kill City, Lip Service, Widow, and Cult. While these changes are all for the best and are very exciting, the area that has been suffering the most as a result of these changes is my blog. The more opportunities present themselves for me creatively and professionally, the less time I have to focus on creating quality blog content, beyond the "THIS IS WHAT I WORE, U LIKE?" posts that have been happening here lately. I had anticipated that these changes would afford me more time to focus on the creative aspects of blogging that I find personally fulfilling, rather than less. However, the fact remains that I am busier now than I ever was before, and busy is good! I quite like being busy! I enjoy the sense of purpose, the varied nature of my days now, interacting with a lot of amazing people doing amazing things with their own lives and finding areas in which our passion to create and build overlap.

More and more, I'm trying to find the ways in which my blog can overlap with my non-blog life. I forget that to someone who is not in the fashion industry, the world of professional fashion-related work could perhaps be interesting. I'd love to share that more with you all, the experiences I have running my own store and creating my own clothing line (50/50 alongside Brit, of course), as well as the experiences I have working for some really amazing brands who are more established. Perhaps my blog posts will have to become more of a daily diary in order to really get that across -- the excitement, the trepidation, the chaos, the success, the silliness of it all. So much of the fashion industry takes things so seriously, and that's just not me. I think aesthetics are supposed to be enjoyable, and I can't imagine being happy with a life where the people around me weren't able to laugh a little at themselves. So, perhaps my voice is a bit unique, as well...something different from The Devil Wears Prada crowd. The heroes in my story about fashion wear scuffed up vintage shoes and the same pair of perfectly dirty tight jeans they've had for years and jewelry their grandmothers made them. It's not glossy, it's more real than that.

When I was in high school, I loved Tom Robbins books (sure, sure...roll your eyes). I remember once reading something he said about his own writing. I can't find it for the life of me anywhere online, but the gist of it was that some authors try to immerse you in their world, to make you forget you're reading a book, and that was never something he tried to accomplish. He wanted the reader to know, to be acutely aware, that they were just reading a book, but really, that was quite nice and it didn't need to be more than that. I think that's how I feel about blogging and life in general. I want to eschew the pretense. This is just my life. It's not glamorous, it's not fancy, and it's not admirable really. However, it's quite nice, and it doesn't need to be anything more than that.

I know that most people following my blog don't care about that stuff, don't care about my personal philosophies or my experiences with fashion or any of that jazz. This post isn't for those people. This post is for the people who email me to tell me how they responded to something I've written, or for the people on Formspring who ask me questions about their terrible hometowns and small-minded people. This post is for you guys, and what I want to say is this: I'm still here! It's still me, in those clothes. I know I've been busy, and I know this blog seems to have lost its voice, but I'm working on that, in part because of the encouragement from people like you who have cared enough to get to know me over the past two years. We relate to each other sometimes, you and I. And I like that. And I don't want that to go away.

In other news, today marks the start of a two-week long roadtrip my boyfriend and I will be taking with our dogs, Mo-Dog and Luna. We'll be going to Portland and Seattle and Montana and Wyoming and Idaho, and I'm going to try to instagram up a storm and do blog posts from the road. Follow me on Instagram, should that interest you: @madelinependleton.

In the meantime, you be awesome and stuff.