263 - Cottage Lake

Jacket + Sweater + Jeans - PacSun, Boots - Dr. Marten, Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

This isn't an outfit post so much as it is a Cottage Lake post. This is what I wore in the car on the drive from Portland, Oregon back to Fresno, California, where my boyfriend and I had spent a fake late holiday with my mother. So, you know, these are car clothes. Sweet comfortable car clothes. I think I was inspired by this perfect outfit:

(click for source)

I snapped some shots of my boyfriend at the lake, too:


Also, can someone please just replace my entire wardrobe with rock and roll essentials?

Also also, I really hope you guys like the new stuff I've been collab designing, with Brit for Bad Vibes and with a team of good folks for Cult's graphic tees. It's all coming out soon, so stay tuned!

Also also also, it is so windy outside of my apartment right now that it sounds like the ocean crashing against a rocky shore. Alas, it is but the wind crashing against vintage apartment buildings of Koreatown, desperately inland and hopefully to remain very above water for at least the next few decades.