264 - A Bunch of Stuff

Skirt and Flannel - Vintage, Top - c/o Olive Clothing, Jacket - c/o PacSun, Boots - Doc Martens, Bag - Army Surplus, Ankh Necklace - Taddeos

Do you ever feel like your life is just the pursuit of acquiring things, and then once you acquire things, trying to acquire NICER things? I looked around my apartment this morning and I just saw STUFF everywhere. Just...STUFF. Candles and books and knick knacks and clothes and shoes and electronics and pillows and makeup and lamps and furniture and clocks and mason jars and textiles and mirrors. It surrounds me, engulfs me, creeps in on me and crowds me. And I looked around at it all this morning and I felt claustrophobic from the abundance of sheer plain STUFF in my life and I thought, "NO MORE! TODAY IS THE DAY I DECLARE INDEPENDENCE FROM MY STUFF!"

Today will be a deep cleaning day, a day in which things without uses (though I'm taking a more postmodern stance on the definition of "use") will be discarded, a day in which my habits of acquisition will change, a day in which I will become conscious of the pointlessness of all of this STUFF. I am filtering and downsizing. Keeping the awesome, donating anything that falls short of awesome.

Why on earth does that feel like such a revolutionary act?!