266 - The Weirdness

Jacket & Spiked Bracelet - NastyGal, Boots - Dr. Martens, Jeans - Ksubi, Tee & Belt - Vintage

Do you ever catch yourself just being totally weird? Like, the other day I caught myself singing aloud, alone, at the grocery store. Not even to the song that was playing on the overhead. Just my own song while buying tampons (Tampax Pearls, for the record...cla$$y as fuck), by myself, in the "Feminine Care" section of Ralph's (sidenote: why the fuck is that section called "feminine care"? you don't need to dance around the subject, Ralph's, over half of the US population is female and guess what, most of us need tampons so we're cool with you just calling it the "tampon" section).

I also have a tendency to catch myself having full on conversations with strangers' dogs, usually while the stranger awkwardly laughs and tries to pull their dog away from me, as I call after them, "Where are you going, Dog? I was trying to talk to you. That's not very nice." 

I caught myself doing this other weird thing, too, the other day where I put on the above outfit and was like, "Yeah!" but then realized that when it's cold outside, buildings tend to have the heat cranked up so it's super hot inside, so I'd have to remove my jacket for like half of the day. Well, the jacket makes the outfit, people. Without the jacket, I'm just a boring monochromatic blob. So, I decided that I should add a vest. But then when I put the jacket on over the vest, it looked weird and bulky. So, I took the vest off and put it in my bag so that when I entered a warm building, I could take the jacket off and put the vest on.


I BROUGHT ALONG A FUCKING WARDROBE CHANGE FOR ENTERING DIFFERENT FALSIFIED CLIMATE ZONES. It doesn't SOUND that weird, but it occurred to me that it was VERY weird the second I found myself entering a really fucking warm store in the garment district downtown and took my jacket off, looped it around my bag, then got my vest out, and put it on. I mean, there is NO purpose to a vest unless it's, like, a utility feature and I'm carrying things in it. The vest is solely for decoration. So taking the time to put on a vest when you take off a jacket is the equivalent of announcing to everyone around you, "Hi, I am neurotic and feel the need to look exactly the way I like at every second of every day. Vest, vest, vest, look at my vest."

Then, Brit and I were taking blog photos and I was all like, "WAIT! Take pictures with THE VEST!" And I did it again. I took off my jacket and put on the vest, and did an entire different-but-eerily-the-same photo set with it on.

Just...why. For what purpose. There is no purpose. Just the neuroses coming through.

Hello, my name is Madeline. My brain is weird. It's nice to meet you. Did you see my vest?