269 - Blonde Again Through the Power of Procrastination & The Internet

Dress - c/o The Editor's Market, Everything Else - Vintage

My hair is still blue. These photos were just taken a little while ago. And I did not yet post them...because I am me and life is life and what is what and now I'm hungry.

I'm not what you might consider a re-wearer. That probably means I have commitment issues or something. However, I'm just not prone to re-wearing the same item over and over again, especially not sequentially for multiple days in a row. But this dress! It is quickly becoming like the uniform that a cartoon character version of myself would wear. I've been wearing it nonstop for days. It's just so easy to put on and everything looks good with it...IDK, man. I'm diggin' in.

The Editor's Market has some really good schtuff (they are the ones that sent me the dress). While I prefer wearing vintage or thrift, it's always nice to supplement the ol' wardrobe with something a little bit new and current. It just freshens it all up for me, I guess, and helps make sure I don't bore myself. Oh, the struggle of establishing identity through aesthetics in a contemporary fast-fashion post-industrial-yes-still-kinda-industrial world!