270 - Dork Squad

Shirt - c/o O-Mighty, Shoes - c/o Palladium, Everything Else - Thrifted

So, O-Mighty sent me the best shirt ever, basically. It's got all of the geeky kids from The Simpsons on it, and since I'm pretty much the geekiest person ever, it's a good fit. Also related, I got on this kick last week where I decided I needed to wear poorly sized denim always and forever. I went to the thrift store and bought a pair of old Levi's that were about four sizes too big for me and cut them at the knee, then rolled the bottom up and the wait down. I'm pretty into the resulting shorts. I grabbed a pair of oversized overalls, too, and cut them into shortalls. I guess I'm pretty effing stoked for summer!

While Brit was taking these photos for me in her backyard, her cat Huxley came up and said hello. He is seriously the best cat out of all of the cats, like every cat, in the world. He's so cute that I had to post the photos, even though his butt is pointed at the camera.

What a good cat.

Okay, back to clothing: in case you haven't checked out O-Mighty yet, it's a really rad company and everything is super affordable. Here are some of my favorite pieces from the site:
I highly recommend looking at their webstore here!