273 - Bad Vibes & Good Vibrance

Bad Vibes shorts! Hey now!

As you probably know, Brit and I have been working on getting together a collection of unique bottoms (shorts and pants so far) designed by us folk for you all to enjoy. Basically, we like crazy patterns and short shorts and zippers and grommets and faux leathers and tapestry, but we were always bummed because it's so hard to find that stuff. So, we started small, just a few patterns and a lot of different fabrics, and put some samples up on Tunnel Vision for y'all to preorder. We're already planning on lots of new additions, with even more hardware and unique fabrics, and we hope to move into doing tops by summer! It's a learning process, but we're getting better as we go -- improving the fit and construction and all of that jazz every step of the way. One day, we will be mega goliath shorts-making superhuman machines of modern industry. Muahahaha. Or we'll just keep making things we love for the people who have been kind enough to support us. I think the latter options sounds a bit more fulfilling...

If you haven't already checked out Bad Vibes, you can see it here:

Tanks dudez.