Interlude - House of Widow!

Scarf - House of Widow, Tee & Belt - Vintage, Pants - UNIF, Hair - After Midnight Blue by Manic Panic

Hey doods! Yeah, I dyed my hair blue, but pretend you didn't see that because I have two old blog posts with blonde hair that still need to go up. Shhhh!

Alright, so I've been working really hard with the fine folks over at Widow to prep all sorts of schtuff for their website launch. AND IT'S FINALLY READY! WOOHOO!

To commemorate their launch, they are giving away one of these headscarf hood thingies (that same one I'm wearing above) with every purchase. Looky here:

I'm really stoked on this website because I've put a lot of hard work into it, as have my friends Kali and Marie and Brit. The line is a new dark wave spin-off of Lip Service, and one of the coolest things they carry is the garter leggings, which are made from an ORIGINAL Lip Service pattern from the 1980s, so that's a little bit of sub/counter-culture history you can wear on your legs:

Here's some other stuff I love from the line:

As always, click the photo to see the pieces.

I really hope you guys like it! I feel like we all just birthed this freakin' thing. Geez. Wait, is it weird to talk about birth on a fashion blog? Is this awkward now? I don't know how to segue out of "birth" back to relevant fashion talk...so...umm...yeah...

 Be sure to check out Widow's social media stuff, too, if you like what you see:

Brit's going to be handling their social media outreach, so there's going to be a lot of great giveaways going on consistently on their FB, Twitter, and Insta!