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Hey! These pictures are from a trip I took to Phoenix, Arizona over the weekend. My awesome friend Kali and I worked a photo shoot for Mother of Gideon jewelry (her on makeup and art direction, me on styling). Driving back to Los Angeles, we saw this freaking amazing sunset over the desert. Our jaws were on the floor of the car and Kali yelled, "Let's pull over and take pictures!"

Here's a teaser shot from the Mother of Gideon shoot:

Isn't the jewelry mind-blowing? Here are some of my favorite pieces:

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And the best part is that the owners are the nicest freakin' people on the PLANET -- we're talking nonprofit work for humane gem mining and all sorts of amazing stuff. Anyway, I'll be sure to show y'all the finished photos when I get them! I'm pretty stoked on the shoot!

PS: Anyone in the LA area looking for a job? I have a friend down here hiring someone for admin-y customer-service-y work in the fashion industry if y'all interested. Email me your resume and cover letter: madeline.pendleton.hansen@gmail.com and I'll pass it along! I HAVEN'T CHECKED MY EMAILS IN LIKE MONTHS -- I'M SO SORRY IF YOU EMAILED ME ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE AND I HAVEN'T REPLIED YET! :O