282 - Castle Skateland, Venice Beachrat

Tank top - Melrose Trading Post, Paisley Jeans - c/o PacSun, Hoodie - Roxy c/o PacSun, Shoes - Vans  (since junior high), Necklace - Melrose Trading Post, Sunglasses - RayBan

Brit and I went to Venice Beach the other day. Venice Beach is a place where you can get medicinal marijuana cards from "doctors" in bikinis and  $10 sunglasses and braided hairwraps while crust punks try to get you to buy their art.

One time, I took mushrooms on the beach and then I was walking down Venice Beach and this man was rollerblading towards me and he looked like a bulldog and Jesus combined and my eyes got really wide and all of the little vendors selling hemp necklaces and pot leaf tee shirts on the left started colliding with the man and the beach on the right started creeping inwards and everything was a vortex, a Venice Beach collision, and I was in the eye of the storm with Rollerblading Bulldog Jesus in front of me and I just kind of said, "I AM TOO HIGH" aloud to no one in particular, and nobody looked the slightest bit surprised because that's just kind of how Venice Beach is.

Oh, it was this day, actually. Upon further review, I look high as fuck in those pictures.