285 - Work Hard, Stay Humble

Shirt - Melrose Trading Post flea market, Pants - secondhand Paige via Crossroads, Boots - Dr. Marten, Jacket - secondhand, Choker - eBay

Brit snapped these shots for me in the alley behind The Original Cult the other day, so I guess that makes this a "fuck it -- gotta get to work" kinda outfit. I work at the Original Cult on freelance three days a week and do Tunnel Vision work for three days a week, making for a pretty hectic schedule. My one day off per week is usually reserved for blogging, scheduling out posts for the week. Like right now? It's Sunday when I'm writing this, but Wednesday when you're reading it. It's like time travel or something! Time travel for working stiffs.

I know that work in the capitalist sense of the concept is soul crushing, and I struggle to reconcile that with the fact that I just really love and value hard work. I like getting my hands dirty, staying late, really earning every dollar that comes my way, and I like that quality in others. Politically, it's hard for me to understand the discrepancy in my values (free time! no bosses no masters!) and my work ethic. I think my work ethic just stems from this blue collar sense of dignity, a strange working class stance in regard to the idea of people working very little yet having things they do not need while others work very hard and yet still need things they do not have. The income gap is repulsive, and you'd have a hard time convincing me that most six-figure CEOs work harder than a minimum wage waitress on a double shift.

I think that's why I like working at The Original Cult so much. There's something refreshing about working for a relatively large company that still operates on small business ethics, the owner there later than most of his employees most nights of the week. Work hard, stay humble. Give as much as you receive...that sort of jazz. IDK man, life.

Speaking of work, The Original Cult is doing a huge warehouse clearance sale this weekend. You'll probably see me hanging out there on Saturday for a bit. If you're in LA, you should stop by and say hi! They're selling lots of things on the super cheap, like $5 jeans and shit from their brands (Kill City, Widow, Lip Service, 24HRS). It's at 130 S Anderson this Saturday and Sunday. Come down and get some good shit for cheap and high five me and stuff and meet some of the cast of characters.