Interlude - LuckyFABB

On Friday, I popped over to LuckyFABB with Natalie Liao from La Vagabond Dame. We're both on the Crossroads Style Council, so we attended the event on behalf of Crossroads. I checked in with Sarah from Crossroads upon arrival, at which point she looked me solemnly in the eyes and said, "There is a candy bar. Go find it. Seriously, there is so. much. candy." I apparently make my unmatched love of candy very apparent.

LuckyFABB is a conference put on by Lucky Magazine. It's all about blogging, which is really an indicator that the fashion world is continuing to hold blogging in its proper regard. I've said it before, but I really believe that fashion blogging is something exciting -- it's the democratization of fashion, and that's an important thing when we, as a culture, think about things like identity and the role corporations have on identity, or the role the false gender dichotomy has on identity, or the role the patriarchy has on identity. Fashion blogging provides an opportunity for us all to relate honestly to each other over aesthetics and brand influence, and I think that's pretty cool (semi-tangent: I'm not of the belief that all fashion corporations are inherently evil -- I believe some are filled with good people just trying to sell clothes because they love the art of aesthetics).

I think there's the expectation that fashion bloggers are supposed to be doing something new and different, or show an alternative to mainstream aesthetic industry. However, that's really not the case. The role of fashion blogging is to provide a voice of honesty to it all. There are some trends and companies that I love, and I'll certainly never forgo discussing them or showing them on my blog -- that would be disingenuous. We're here just to give one person's perspective. Hey, this is what I like. Maybe you like it, too? Cool.

Gosh, how did I end up rambling about that? Well, anyway, back on track: LuckyFABB is a similarly exciting concept. The conference is still new and has a lot of room to grow, but I'm happy to have been a part of this year's event. Also, I just really, really like the people over at Crossroads (good people!), so it's always nice to have a chance to see them.

Now, onto the pictures! There are only a few...

This is Yours Truly and Natalie at the event. We had our photo taken by a cool photographer named Lani who was there on behalf of Lucky Magazine, but also works for Who What Wear! Her name is Lani, and she is really sweet. You can follow Lani on Twitter or Instagram.

Here's a solo shot Natalie grabbed of me being a fashunnnn blaaaager:
I'm wearing a Topshop moto jacket, secondhand UNIF shorts via Crossroads (purchased by me -- not sponsored), YRU boots via Crossroads (purchased by me -- not sponsored), a cool net top via Crossroads (purchased by me -- not sponsored), and an O-Mighty army shirt (c/o on that one). The choker is from eBay!

Natalie and I also found the candy bar of which Sarah spoke!

They were making milkshakes there! And to the left, there was a table just piled high with candy. I was shoving piles of sugary goodness into a plastic bag when I overheard two women next to me -- probably my own age -- say, "Our kids are going to love us when we come home with candy!" I felt a momentary pause, wherein I thought, "Shit, I am way too old to be this excited about candy..." but then the woman to the right of me said, "Pft, kids? My purse is going to love me when I fill it to the brim with candy then eat out of it for the next week straight." And I LOLd and heck-yeah-d her. My kinda gal.

Le Sportsac brought the candy bar to commemorate the launch of their new candy-themed bags.

I never cared about Le Sportsac until the moment I saw this bag. COME TO ME, NU-RAVE DREAMLAND BACKPACK. I LONG TO PUT CANDY INSIDE OF YOU FOR A REALLY META MOMENT.

And those were all of the photos I took, mostly because for the rest of the day, my hands were busy shoveling candy into my face.