290 - Desert Daze

Photo by Dominoe Alessandra Farris-Gilbert

Hey! This is a picture of me that a gal named Dominoe snapped at Desert Daze a couple of weekends ago. Despite the fact that I am making a "hmmmm" face, I quite like this outfit, so I decided to share it here on ye ol' blog.

That weekend was SO good. People of not LA, if you want to know what living in LA is like, it's something like this:

Brit and Taylor and Rachel and Casey and Selena went to Desert Daze, and I was supposed to go to Salvation Mountain with Jesse Jae Joplin and Sideara nearby, but at the last minute, my friend Kali's Plus 1 to see Chelsea Wolfe (she was doin' that godesses's makeup for the show) at Desert Daze dropped out, so I ended up hitching a ride out to the desert with her. Then, Kali and I snuck away and drove to Coachella for the Ray-Ban/Vice party, where we ran into local LA acquaintances of whom you may have heard like Chebo (I've only met her in passing a handful of times, but lemme tell ya, that gal is golden -- I just like her) and Z from YRU shoes and I got to officially meet internet babes Alanna Pearl (hello, I love you!) and Lillipore, and I narrowly missed seeing love of my life Rachel Finley (star cross'd lovers or something?) and then somehow ended up at Chloe Norgaard's after party.

That's LA for ya. Lots of fast meetings of people you feel like you've known via internet, all in rapid succession, and then mornings where you ask your friends, "What even WAS last night?"

Then, duh, you name-drop it all on your blog.