292 - If You're Going to San Francisco...

Do I look awkward in these photos? Because I was COLD when Brit was taking them, lemme tell ya.  So, hey guys, what's new? What's happening? How are you?

I have been busy, like super busy, like that kind of busy where when you stop for a moment you have a panic attack because you're sure there's something you're supposed to be doing. 

We've been doing a lot of exciting things with Tunnel Vision, but still working part time freelance for other people, it's stressful trying to balance two jobs. We do four things with Tunnel Vision (vintage, new, vintage renewed, and Bad Vibes), and when you add that on to the freelance work at The Original Cult, and then blogging, and then regular house things like DO YOUR LAUNDRY MADELINE and FOR GOD'S SAKE, BUY SOME SHAMPOO, my brain ends up feeling like it's partitioned into seven different parts, like there are seven Madelines all inside me, and each of them would just love a nap and a night in watching movies with Mo-Dog.