296 - Can we please have a glam rock revival already?

Top - Kill City, Leggings - Lip Service, Jacket - UNIF, Boots - secondhand Steve Madden, Hat - vintage Harley, Triangle Cuff - c/o Vanessa Mooney

I love how Mo-Dog is sneaking through one of those shots, with her tiny little head and all. What an awesome mini-beast she is. I should have called this post "Glam Rock-shund".

So, I've been aching for a glam rock revival for the past year or so. I think I really just want an excuse to wear a top hat, like Marc Bolan or something. Madeline Bolan.

What do you even wear a top hat with? I mean, this:

Top Hat

Oleg Cassini flapper dress / Willow jacket / Bertie high heel boots / Raven Denim black lip stick / Essie Nailpolish, $21

Obviously, but it would just make me wish every day were New Year's Eve and then I'd just start spontaneously yell-counting down from 10 every few hours.