297 - Cold Shoulder

Dress - Santee Alley, Shoes - vintage Demonias via eBay, Bag - evil company that shall not be named but like purchased literally ten years ago before I realized how evil the company was, Jewelry - all over, Lipstick - Revlon Wine Not

I found this dress in Santee Alley one day while shopping with Selena and Taylor after a Tunnel Vision photo shoot. It was something like $20! Um, best thing ever. THEN, a week later, I found a SHIRT version of it for like $15! So, I bought that sucker too (obviously) and will wear it soon on ye ol' blog with these high-waisted black jeans (because you know I'm a weirdo who plans my outfits out like three months in advance, right?). 

So anyway, Brit took these photos for me when she and I and Mo-Dog took a lunch break at the Original Cult and walked down to Tacos Los Hermanos (previously Tacos Por Favor -- a MUCH better name if you ask me but nobody did obviously because they don't value my mad brand development skillz, which is their loss really) for lunch. 

Despite the unsavory (rimshot) name change, Tacos Los Hermanos is kind of the shit. They have vegan potato tacos, and you can order a totally nutritionally-useless meal of potato tacos and french fries at the same time because America or something. Also, I recently realized that you're not supposed to be in, like, excruciating pain every time you eat (up to about four weeks ago, I had thought it was totally normal to have to lie down and cry after eating 99% of foods because I assumed that's just what "full" felt like), and after a process of trial and error playing the cutting-foods-out-of-your-diet-how-do-you-fee-now game (because I don't have health insurance, because America or something), I discovered that, duh, YOU HAVE A FUCKING GLUTEN INTOLERANCE, MADELINE; WAY TO BE A DUMB-ASS. So, Tacos Los Hermanos has accidentally gluten-free french fries. High-fucking-five to you, The Brothers. 

But fuck your ketchup. Seriously, for NO DISCERNABLE REASON, there is GLUTEN in your KETCHUP. BECAUSE AMERICA OR SOMETHING.

I like how I started this post out talking about a cool dress and ended is yelling at a taco shop for not having gluten free ketchup. 

Oh, new here? Welcome to my blog. This is how we do.

And by we, I mean "I". It's just me. Hi.