298 - Over All of It

Triangle Cuff - c/o Vanessa Mooney, Overalls - Thrift Store, Shoes - GoJane, Lipstick - Limecrime My Beautiful Rocket

When I was putting on this outfit one morning, this new dude I'm hanging out with was all skeptical, making that strange contorted perplexed face for a minute, and then when I was finished (hat on, all "ta-daa motherfucker") he was like,"Huh...I guess that strange '80s-early-'90s thing is kinda cute." Like, the combined power of ROOK and Dimepiece and a thrift store and awkward fancy lady shoes had convinced him, and I felt triumphant.

Yeah. That's right. You love my stupid outfit.

And I love this stupid outfit, let me tell you. Like, I am not a fancy lady shoes kinda person, but after seeing some internet peeps make them work, I found myself converted. You know when they were reissuing Tank Girl and they were all bumming on her vibe because corporate mainstream America had co-opted punk and there was no real alternative anymore so they put the new reissue Tank Girl in 1980s school teacher clothes because they decided mainstream was the new punk rock? Well I think that's got something to do with these shoes, but I'm not entirely sure.

So this kind of mentality inspired me to go on GoJane and buy two pairs of fancy lady shoes with the specific intention of pairing them with overalls (one pair for long overalls, one pair for shortalls).

What I'm really saying is that this outfit gives me a feeling of accomplishment.