299 - Shine On

In the process of ex-boyfriend moving out, I found a package that had fallen behind a desk and I opened it and found that it contained two great pieces of clothing from a company called Glamorous UK. Um...sorry your package got lost in my apartment, Glamorous UK. I swear I'm not a hoarder. Sometimes mysterious things like that just happen.

Part of me was like, "You should check the post date on that package Madeline, so you know how much of a fuck-up you are..." but then another part of me was like, "You don't want to know; that will just send you spiraling into a fit of depression over how totally awful it is that you lost a package in your OWN apartment."

On the flip side, Shoedazzle sent me these sandals and I'm wearing them almost immediately. Take that, blogging. I'm kicking your ass.

Also, dear blogging community, despite the fact that their website looks like it was designed with a very different target market in mind than Yours Truly, Shoedazzle shoes are usually in the $30 price range and usually to my extreme liking, so I highly recommend checking them out if you're in the market for some cheap-but-don't-really-feel-that-cheap-and-actually-look-pretty-good shoes. And I mean, really, who isn't always in the market for something like that?

You have to make an account first, but it's free and totally worth it, so don't be lazy, just sign up or whatever. I say this as a VERY lazy person who never signs up for anything, and who rarely reads my own emails.

I get easily overwhelmed by life, I guess.

Moving along, I wore this outfit on Saturday, when Jessi Jae Joplin and I went to a little backyard flea market thing full of badass teenaged girls doing badass teenaged things. Bonus: apparently teenagers still like Bright Eyes, which was awesome, because I definitely spent most of my adolescence crying and sob-singing along to every record put out on Saddle Creek. Omaha, how I have longed for thee.

Jessi is perfect (duh), so I took some pictures of her, too:

What a perfect effing angel. She painted her eyebrows blue. I mean, come on. Dream girl or what.