300 - This is Sparta...I mean the internet...I mean my blog...and also the Renaissance Faire

Hat - eBay, Sunglasses - RayBan, Kimono - c/o Glamorous, Shirt - Kill City, Shorts - Bad Vibes (but I forgot that I didn't lace my shorts yet, so when I got them home, I had to put a sad little thin lace in them, and it's not nearly as cool as the real version, which looks like this), Boots - Wildfox X Jeffrey Campbell secondhand via Wasteland on Melrose

Hey! It's my 300th outfit post! Woohoo! I'm happy that this post is an outfit that I really quite like, and that also features Bad Vibes shorts, the house brand of Tunnel Vision that Brit and I design! It's like a perfect thing to wear on an important marker post. It's through blogging that Brit and I became close, I think, and she is like the most important person in the world to me, and my primary aspiration in life has always been to have a clothing line, and now, 300 looks later, I'm able to wear something from my and Brit's clothing line on my blog! What a great feeling of accomplishment! Hopefully, my 400th post will feature something from our expanded line, which should soon carry more than just bottoms (fingers crossed!).

This is also a great post because on Sunday, Jessi Jae Joplin and I went to the Renaissance Faire, so there are a lot of fun photos I can share with you all!

This is the Ren Faire entrance. It was built to look like a giant ship, which seemed pretty appropriate to me. How badass is that mer-horse on the crest on the right? 

Here is Jessi waiting in line. Straight babin'.

Here is me waiting in line...not that interesting. You just saw ten photos of me wearing this same outfit above.

So, the Ren Faire is basically a place where you go to get drunk and buy shit. Not much different than real life, I guess...except here, you can get drunk and buy SWORDS and SHIELDS. 

Alas, I bought neither swords nor shields. I made a beeline to this booth that was full of shit that smelled good, because it was like 100 degrees outside, and I smelled TERRIBLE. I came here and bought a rolling tube of handmade fragrance that smelled like cranberry and only cost $8! I've been obsessed with that oil ever since Sunday -- it's so freaking awesome. You can apparently buy their fragrances online, too, for only $2 shipping charge.

I highly recommend trying them out! It's such a good deal for fragrance, and it's a small business, and I loved everything I smelled, and I know you wanna smell like a Renaissance Faire. I know you do.

They had an incense booth, too, and I needed an incense burner, so I loaded up on one of those jar things on top plus two tubes of incense. ALTHOUGH THE DRAGON HEAD INCENSE BURNER WAS TEMPTING. 

Jessi bought a floral headband, and I was totally aghast at the price. $18 for that thing! And the ones I liked were $45! I mean, dayum. I shoulda brought some from home. But it looked perfect with her dress and what the hell, it's the Renaissance Faire, right? So, she got one I forced her to pose in front of this cool braiding booth while lamenting that it probably would have been cooler if we got Ren Faire hair braids instead.

They had this thing outside showing different braid types, and everything was written in that terrible typeface I can't remember the name of but it hurt my eyes so much that I had to look away, but not before I noticed that holy shit these sample photos they have up are freaking BRILLIANT:

Then, we bought a child-sized parasol to beat the summer heat (like ya do) and right next to the parasol booth, Jessi found this awesome tapestry. So, I sheepishly asked her if she would take blog photos for me in front of it (ahhh blogging is so awkward) and then I made her stand in for some, too, because she just looked awesome in front of it with her purple dress and stuff.

$100 later (!!!), we found ourselves broke and tired and probably delirious from heat exhaustion, so we bounced out that motherfucker.