302 - Summer Staples & a DIY Hoodie

Shirt - vintage, Baja Hoodie - baja pullover that I DIY'd into a zip-up hoodie, Shorts - thrifted black jeans cutoff and DIYd with bleach and a scrub brush, Boots - YRU, Jewelry - allover

A vintage tee and cut-off denim shorts is definitely an LA summer staple. It's always interesting to me how much accessorizing can personalize that simple effort to beat the heat, though. Putting on a fuckton of jewelry with a raggedy tee shirt and shorts almost feels wrong at first, but when I'm done getting ready and I look in the mirror, I notice that it's those finishing touches that makes it all a little more "me". Overaccessorizing ftw.

Also, this hoodie was a really easy DIY! I took one of those baja pullovers that are a dime a dozen and I just cut it straight up the middle, then folded over the raw edge and hand-stitched a separating zipper onto it all messy-like. It's so much more wearable this way!