303 - Layering Overload

Shirt - c/o ROOK brand, Sunglasses - c/o Filthy Magic, Jacket - c/o Lamb X Flag, Choker - eBay

These sunglasses are the same style as the ones I wore in Monday's post but a different color -- they have a cool allover faux wood texture, and they are only $12! Filthy Magic sent them over to me. It's a cool webstore run by a rad chick, and they have an AWESOME assortment of sunglasses all in the $10-$15 range.

Also, I have cannot stop wearing these shoes! I found them last Sunday at Wasteland secondhand for $65 and they are pretty much my dream shoe. I need to slap myself into some variety soon, otherwise my feet will contort to take on the shape of the shoe and I'll have permanent Barbie-foot or some shit.