Interlude - MAD DEALZ

Hey doodz! So, you know I freelance over at the Original Cult 3 days a week, right? Well, I'm working there (here?) right now and they are doing a prelaunch of their new website for their new brand 24HRS for friends only! Since I'm a friend, that means I can share it with you guys here on my blog. Just...shhhhh...you know? Okay.

So, here's the deal: 24HRS' new website www.supershop24hrs.com is in prelaunch mode and today you can help them test it out by shopping the site at 50% off with the code "HEYTHNX". They just want to make sure all of the kinks are worked out before the site goes super live. Here are some things that I really like from the line, along with their half-off price for today only:







So go check it out and take advantage of the deal o' the day and stuff!