307 - Dog Pound

I'm so stoked on these shoes! Solestruck started this website called 48, which is where they do uber discounts on shoes by brand for just 48hrs straight until old merch is sold down to make room for new stuff.  I love the concept, and I love the folks over at Solestruck.

The pins came from a recent eBay binge. I was looking up vintage pin lots and ended up with an awesome assortment of 1970s weird slogan pins, plus some authentic 1970s David Bowie pins, and homemade "They Live" pins (based on the cult sci-fi horror movie). Now, pretty much every piece of outerwear that I own is covered in pins. This jacket ended up looking kinda new wave, hence why I named it "New Wave Jacket", like the Polysics song of the same name.