Pretty Much Everything - vintage, Lipstick - Limecrime, Hair - Pink Lemonade + Cherry Kool-Aid

I swore off of Manic Panic dyes because, frankly, I'm too noncommittal to have the same hair color for more than a month. Kool-Aid remains my preferred color method. It's 35 cents per package and lasts a couple of weeks.

I remember when No Doubt came out with the music video for "Ex-Girlfriend" and Gwen Stefani debuted her pink hair. I was probably in 8th grade at the time, and had already started my clearly lifelong love affair with hair color by that point, triggering a deep appreciation of Gwen's new do, bangs included. I suppose that's what I was paying homage to with this hair. 

I Googled "Gwen Stefani Ex Girlfriend" just now to try to find a picture, and a screenshot of that really racist No Doubt video came up where she's dressed like a Native American and I almost barfed in my mouth, so IDK really where to go from here with this blog post...