311 - And now, dresses as shirts

Everything but the sunglasses - vintage, Sunglasses - c/o Filthy Magic

I have a tendency to wear shirts as dresses, most likely on account of my diminutive childlike frame. When you hold a shirt in front of a frail, sickly-looking body like mine, and you notice that it falls in that spot that I call "above-the-knees-below-the-junk" (because I'm a class act, mind you), you can't help but have the urge to just run around town sans-pants all day, because why the fuck not. However, recently I've picked up a new tendency, the reverse of that tendency I suppose, which is to wear dresses as shirts. Evidence? Above. Thrift store button-front dress, buttoned only twice, then worn over DIY'd cutoffs with boots. PRESTO, it's an outfit folks.

What kind of outfit, I'm not entirely sure, but I never promised to have explanations here, people.

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