317 - As If

I put on this outfit and felt like I was walking around on stilts all day. Something about the shoes being the same deathly pale white as my skin made my legs look a million miles long, and I was teeterin' all about. 

I was freelancing over at Orig Cult that day, and I kept stopping in the mirror going, "Man, this outfit is cool, but I need something in the head region to finish it off..." then, around noontime, Heather (who runs the Orig Cult Outlet store in the warehouse) ran upstairs with these sunglasses in tow, proclaiming that she got them for me at the 99 Cent store! What! Usually it takes a lot of money to look this cheap. So, with the sunglasses on, I instantly became a disco-nineties-space-alien. I'm pretty sure that's a good look right now.

In other news, the shirt is Dimepiece, a totally kickass company that I've talked about a few times here on my blog before: run by chicks for chicks with a decidedly feminist stance. Can't get enough of a story like that, right? I love this As If shirt because it reminds me of the scene in Clueless when this guy tries to holler at Cher while she's walking and she just shoves him away and goes, "As IF!" totally repulsed.