324 - To Be Inspired

Shirt - c/o Dimepiece, Shorts - UNIF via Crossroads, Shoes - thrifted, Lipstick - Airborne Unicorn by Limecrime

The other day, I was getting a pedicure (yeah, weird, I know) with my friend/coworker/other-side-of-brain Kali Kennedy when I posited the following question: "What's the last thing you saw that really inspired you?" See, we work in fashion, so inspiration is a major thing to us, and I've kinda felt like I've been lacking in the inspiration department lately. So, we sat for a while and went, "Huh...hmmm..." until finally, at last, we remembered a few things that stood out to us:

"Bitching and Junkfood!"

"Oh, for sure. How about Evil Twin?"

"ALWAYS Evil Twin. And Dimepiece!"

"Dooooood, Dimepiece. Fuck yeah."

And there we had it, the three most inspirational apparel brands of the year, by far, pegged and sequestered under the heading of Those Which Are Supremely Inspirational.