331 - You Can Take the Girl Outta Fresno...

LA beanie - c/o PacSun, Gold jewelry - eBay, 86 Shirt - c/o Choies, Shorts - vintage, Flannel - thrifted, Shoes - Thrifted, Watch - c/o TKO Watches

If I were gonna make an outfit that told the most about who I am, I guess this would be it, purely for narrative purposes. I live in LA. I was born in 1986. And I am from Fresno.

Gold jewelry and flannel will always reminds me of my hometown. It was just the look, I guess -- what the cool kids wore when I was in junior high school. Hoop earrings and name plates. Curled bangs and Adidas. Tube tops with bra straps. Ponytails pulled so high you had a headache by homeroom. Flannels and web belts. Our pants were so baggy that it was hard to ditch class in them, we'd trip over the hems while we tried to run from Campus Authority. We ducked into the surrounding orchards outside of school and hid there in the fog. My friend's older brother was a drug dealer; we lit our joints with Zippos. Someone brought a boombox and when the coast was clear, they played B95. It claimed to be The Valley's Hottest Music, but I always preferred New Rock 104.

Off of the nostalgia train, the giveaway is still going on for the watch I'm wearing in this post! It's by TKO and it's really cool:

You can win a white one by entering on my Instagram and a black one by entering on my blog!