337 - Ain't Nothin' but a Grass Thang

Bodysuit - c/o O-Mighty, Shorts - Santee Alley, Shoes - Steve Madden, Necklace - c/o PacSun

Clearly the "G" in this bodysuit refers to "grass", and not of the marijuanal variety. We're talking green growin-out-of-the-ground have-a-picnic-on-me grass. So we took a tribute photo of grass to pay homage to the bodysuit. What's up, grass. How you doin'? Lookin' green.

Nah, but seriously, this whole outfit makes me super nostalgic for my hometown. Someone out there will yell about cultural appropriation, but people who've lived South-of-Shaw in Fresno will understand: music and poverty and fashion transcend racial boundaries sometimes, especially in hometowns like mine, and the lines between cultural boundaries get blurred. I dunno. I do know that it didn't upset me seeing Miley Cyrus wearing this same bodysuit from O-Mighty, but it does upset me seeing her use a WOC as the punchline in a joke about the otherness of her otherness.

None of this is my place to discuss. And I'm a couple weeks late on the whole thing, obviously. But my recommended reading on the subject is this, should it interest you.