343 - Elvin

Dress - c/o Choies, Jacket & Hat & Boots - Vintage

I was really excited when Chictopia contacted me about an opportunity to work with Choies! I love Choies -- especially their shoes, dear lord -- and was stoked to talk about them on my blog and schtuff.

Choies is one of the most unique online stores I've seen in a long time (since Pixie Market maybe???) and I wear their items regularly and also dream shop their store regularly, so ya know, I have no qualms in recommending that you check them out if you haven't already.

Also, only semi-related, there's been this running joke between me and my friend Kali for the past three months or so (after I showed her their shoe selection and she just screamed "SHUT UP" at her computer over and over again) about how you pronounce Choies. We were constantly trying to figure it out and coming up with really silly ways it could be said. "Sho-waaaas?" "Shwayz?" "Shwuise?" We were kinda disappointed to learn it's just pronounced like "choice". Go figure.

Check out Choies, though; it's cool!

And check out Chictopia if you haven't! I have a creepy undying love for those people.