345 - Snuffaluffagus

This look is clearly inspired by Snuffaluffagus:

I really relate to him, aesthetically. Also, he's freaking magical, so who would't want to be that? 

Alright, so I started working at Lip Service and I developed this thing called "Lip Service Goggles", wherein you look at something totally batshit crazy and weird and go, "I dunno, I think I kinda like that..." and one of your more rational friends/coworkers goes, "Girl, you got Lip Service Goggles on..." meaning: "That thing is only cute to you because you work here but it is totally not your style and you should not go buying that thing because it will not make sense to you once you get it home and try to work it into your closet..."

So, about six months into my part-time freelance gig at Lip Service, I got it in my head that I really needed vinyl pants. "Do I have Lip Service Goggles on?!" I asked my friend Kali, to which she replied with that thing that I usually use the baby chick emoji to describe, like a weird WELP shoulder shrug that seems to say "who knows but waddaya gonna go?"


So I was left to my own devices to figure out if I really wanted vinyl pants or if it was just some weird goggle-blinder-thing. Finally, I decided to place an order for some to try on whilst there. MUCH TO MY DISMAY -- they were out of XS. WTF mother effers. Also, Lip Service sizing runs kinda big so there was no way I was fitting into a size Small. I stomped around work like an insolent child for about two weeks yelling at anyone who would listen that I NEEDED (clearly, a real need here people -- what kind of shallow asshole am I...) VINYL PANTS, DAMMIT. Eventually, one of the designers got sick of listening to me bitch and complain and put in an order to have an additional baby-sized sample made of an upcoming style so that I'd STFU about fucking vinyl pants already.

A month later, these badass mother(shut your mouth!)ers came in and I was all like :O

(the poodle emoji is obviously how I express delight about something)

And it was love at first sight. WTF is the point of this story. Something about vinyl pants, IDK man.