349 - Trippy Hippie

In my head, this is like my every-day look: psychedelic internet wunderkid. Unfortunately, I don't often achieve this kinda vibe IRL. I've hypothesized in recent months that this is due to a lack of ambiguous over-throw type garments, and have since made a concerted effort to acquire these types of pseudo-garments en masse.

This particular kimono-overthrow-thingamajig was a gift from Ette. I previously wore it thusly:

And I think the above two looks are two of my favorite-ever looks, so that must be saying something about this kimono, eh?

Ette and Waiste are two of my favorite women-owned online clothiers doing this whole acid grunge trippy hippie vibe right now (besides Tunnel Vision and Miracle Eye, of course -- duh!), so I recommend checking them out if you're into this kinda vibe like I am!