351 - A Respectful Contempt for the Demimonde

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I'm starting to see a return to bohemianism in art and aesthetics lately. The runway shows all tell us, "teddy boys! teddy boys!" and I appreciate that -- I truly do -- but everywhere I look, bohemian influence seems to be creeping back in. The day Lou Reed died, I read a review of Transformer that applauded Reed's ability to write about the demimonde in a way that was at times deprecating but paradoxically respectful. I had never heard the word "demimonde" before, so I looked it up, and reading about this word that describes decadent drug-and-drink-fueled bohemianism stirred up a great passion in me, to explore a life less bourgeoise (because, really, there is something ironically bourgeoise about the "starving artist" label -- an audacity of the choice of that lifestyle when so many do not have the option to struggle) than that but just as free. I think I just want to sell all of my belongings and buy a camper and travel across the country trying to see everything. And yet, I am entrenched in responsibility and terrified of losing control. My lifestyle and my values are often in competition in that way.