352 - Bad Vibes

These Bad Vibes shorts are my new favorite. Bad Vibes has fully separated itself from Tunnel Vision now, with Brit and I working on Bad Vibes, and Tunnel Vision just being my little project (Brit is working on a launching a great online vintage store Tavin Boutique with L.A. vintage maven Erin Tavin -- which is sure to be BEAUTIFUL!). You can still pre-order Bad Vibes on Tunnel Vision, but we also have our own pre-order website, www.getbadvibes.com. We also have our own Instagram and Facebook -- so be sure to like those, too!

So, I wore this outfit along with my new favorite Missy Industry ring, then totally forgot to get a closeup of the ring! Luckily, I had instagrammed this shot earlier that day:

It's a Mercury ring on my middle finger, alternating hands above, and it's beautiful! Here is my little growing Missy Industry ring collection:

Such great stuff, really. Sterling silver, too, so it will last you always and is well worth the investment! I wear those rings almost every day now.