354 - The Beret is the New Beanie

I'm thinking the beret is the new beanie. It makes my army jackets seem less grunge and more cleaned-up. I think it's a more interesting look for me. I got this beret for like a dollar on eBay and it's gonna look awesome with motorcycle jackets and peacoats and all of my last season's military-inspired outerwear.

Fix up, look sharp.

It also inspired dude to go, "You look like Patty Hearst today!" and then we read all about Patty Hearst and the SLA and became riled up and infuriated with politicians and in support of the SLA and then it basically ended with me going, "Angela Davis, man. What would Angela Davis do, always?"

Um, not have a fashion blog, so I guess I'm already off course. I SHALL JUST LOVE HER FROM AFAR.