360 - Monster

Jacket and Bandana - Lip Service, Shirt - Vintage, Shorts - secondhand via Buffalo Exchange, Shoes - c/o Mart of China

Earlier this year, my friend Kali accidentally upset the army (long story) and along with sexually harassing her and threatening her life, they also signed her up for a lot of email newsletters that they thought she would hate receiving. One of these email newsletters was from Mart of China, and upon cleaning out her inbox and unsubscribing, she actually said, "Hey now, this Mart of China faux fur jacket is really cute..." and then we shopped the website together and had a collective "not bad!" moment and she opted to maintain her subscription to their emails. 

THEN, cut to a few months later, Mart of China contacted me about partnering up to share some product with y'all and I was like WHAT ARE THE ODDS OKAY YES. And that's how these amazing shoes came to be in my life. They were like $23. And honestly, the quality ain't bad. I mean,  I bought a pair of Jeffrey Campbells a couple of months ago for $200 and they broke the first time I wore them and have subsequently broken again and again with each wear, whereas my Mart of China shoes haven't broken once, so...use that information as you will. 

Here are a bunch of good shoes from Mart of China that are all under $30:

So yeah, get dat cheap shoe.