I am a product of a consumption-based culture and I suffer from a combination of overwhelming delight and guilt regarding my shopping habits. My general philosophy around getting dressed is that if you have to do it, you may as well have a little fun with it. I fully acknowledge that fashion blogging is a bizarre thing. I mean, come on, who feels comfortable standing around in various awkward positions while forcing their loved ones to take photos of their outfits? It's weird. It is; every single fashion blogger knows it. However, it's relatively easy to do and makes me feel more productive than I probably actually am. Also, it's forced me to learn how to make less-stupid faces. In addition to collecting clothing, I like eating vegan junk foods and watching sci-fi tv shows from the 1990s. My life is not exactly what you'd call "aspirational", but I dig it.

This blog is my outlet for a variety of fashion-related musings. Jean Greige (pronounced Jeen Gray) is a reference to my proclivity towards denim, my love of making clothing (hence greige, as in greige goods), and my total nerd side.

I have my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. I attended college in San Francisco, where I studied fashion design and marketing. I have worked in freelance apparel design for men and women with a variety of small and large clothing companies, as well as in costume design for video games, and worked in marketing for a designer jewelry line carries at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bloomingdale's. I previously co-owned a clothing store in San Francisco specializing in vintage apparel for men and women and independently-designed accessories. I currently live in Los Angeles, where I own Tunnel Vision, an online boutique, and co-design a little clothing line, Bad Vibes. In addition, you can find me runnin' around the Original Cult compound (the parent company of Kill City, Lip Service, Widow, and 24HRS) a couple of days a week.

My blog includes paid advertising, as well as clothing-exchange sponsorships for some of my personal style posts (always noted). However, I also make an effort to showcase small and women-owned businesses gratis wherever possible. No written or editorial blog content is ever sponsored or purchased in any way.